Can we view an example of the kitset homes?

Yes – we have a fully furnished kit home, available for you to view on site at the Wiri Pacific branch located at 32 Noel Burnside Road, Manukau City, Auckland. Click here to view the location map.

Can the design plans for kitset homes be altered by the customer?

Yes – once a deposit is made, we are able to alter any of the kit set designs/plans to suit a customers specific requirements.

Are customers obliged to take everything included in the kitset package?

No – customers are able to add/delete or substitute any materials to suit their own individual needs. We will simply alter the final costs to you based on the changes made.

Are the prices GST exclusive?

Yes – GST is not included in any prices found on the Wiri Pacific website.

Can Wiri Pacific help with shipping arrangements?

Yes – We can assist in the shipping process. We can arrange delivery of your goods to the wharf/freight forwarder and make the necessary arrangements to export the materials on your behalf.

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South Pacific Islands

Map of where we deliver

Our Auckland based company exports quality building products to the Cook Islands, American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, French Polynesia, Fiji and other South Pacific Islands.

If you have questions which aren’t answered here please get in touch.

Physical Address:
32 Noel Burnside Road
Manukau City
Auckland, New Zealand

Postal Address:
PO Box 76648
Manukau City
Auckland, New Zealand